Three reasons you’re hiding from headshots.
As a photographer, I am of course passionate about helping people to get in front of the camera. However, for many entrepreneurs, the idea of getting their first headshots, or even updating their headshots can be very daunting, and can result in avoidance altogether.
Headshots are a vital part of your business presence, particularly online. In the online business world, people generally ‘meet’ you for the first time via an online channel, rather than in real life, and whilst they might connect with your message, you really also need them to connect with you.
Here are the top three reasons I find you might be hiding from getting those headshots:
1. You feel like you’re not enough
This is the most common reason I see people hiding from their headshots. You think you aren’t good enough, aren’t pretty enough, aren’t skinny enough, or any other reason why you aren’t good enough just as you are.
Guess what?! You are good enough. You are beautiful. Chances are, if you take the leap and get some pictures taken, you won’t look like a kangaroo dazed by the headlights.
All you need to do is find a good photographer you are comfortable with. If you are desperately concerned about your looks, there are photographers out there that can offer great glamour packages. There is also Photoshop, and yes it can work wonders. If that’s what you’re after.
My thoughts, however, are that you don’t need all that. People want to see the real you. That is who they are going to be dealing with, so they want to be able to trust you and a fake made-up picture isn’t going to do that. Let people connect with you. Do you look at other people’s headshots and think “No, she’s too ugly, I don’t want to work with her”? Do you?! NO!
There are three strategies to move through this one:
1.    Pick the right photographer who makes you feel comfortable and helps you have fun
2.    Book in your shoot. Even if it’s for two months’ time, get a date in the diary
3.    Do some research – look at other people’s websites, what they are doing, their poses, what you like, what you don’t, and then share that with your photographer

Most of all, just know that you’re enough. Tell your coach, your friends, your mum that you don’t want to get photos for your website because you don’t feel _____ enough and watch them reel in disbelief. Because you are gorgeous and you are enough and you can do this!
Bonus tip: you can also practice poses in the mirror if that makes you feel more practiced and prepared – supermodels practice posing and looks for hours, so they can recreate a look really quickly and easily, so if that helps, do it! And have fun.
2. You’re frightened it won’t be good
This can be another big one: you are worried that you will go through all of this and at the end day and that you won’t be happy with your shots.

Don’t be worried! Your photographer, particularly if they are professional and caring, will do their best to give you shots that you will shine in.
They will make you comfortable, and generally will show you some shots during the shoot if they can so you can decide if you’re happy or want to change something or try again. Digital photography makes the process so much easier.
And at the end of the day you’re the customer. So if you are not satisfied then speak to your photographer and find out what your options are to get the result that you’re after.
3. It’s too expensive
Depending on what you are looking for, you can generally find something that will fit your budget. It is important to remember that the equipment isn’t cheap and also you are paying someone for their time, not just at the shoot but in preparation and then downloading and photo editing.
At the end of the day you get what you pay for, so the cheapest option may not be the best, but start where you are. You can always set a target to get new photos taken each year, and upgrade your photographer and budget as your business grows.

So there you have it! Three reasons why you might be hiding from getting headshots taken. If you’d like to talk this through, please connect with me using the Contact Us page. I am happy to discuss options and how to make this process as pain-free as possible for you.

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