Photography is more than just a job

It’s about connection.

I find that a special connection is made when working with my clients. It’s what I love about my photography journey. Seeing them really shine and come out of their shell.

I actually love making magic together and brainstorming together and having fun during our shoots. It is a real intimacy between photographer and client. A trust is formed and after the shoot is over and all the editing is done and the happy client leaves it’s a happy time but it’s also a sad time because you really form this bond together.

I can remember all my clients and their stories and even get nostalgic about the funny and special moments we shared together. That is what I love about being a photographer.

Take Gail for instance – we met when I was just starting my photography business. When I was still working out this whole new world. I really appreciated the faith Gail had in me then.

It’s looking back on images like this that reminds me of why I do what I do and why I want to continue and learn more skills and grow the business.

So I can help more people shine.