The four basic business photographs


Are you wanting to get photos soon, but you’re not sure on the shots you’ll actually need? Here are four basic business photos that will give you a great range to work with for your business:

1. Your head shot

People need to see you.  People like to put a face to the name. Your head shot is absolutely crucial. Try and get something with a nice background, but in which you are the star of the show. Because you are.

2. What are you selling?

Use shots of you lecturing if you are a lecturer or speaker. If you’re a massage therapist, yoga instructor, etc, then try and get a picture of you in action, or at least in your place of work. If you’re a creator, you need great product photos as well, but for the photos of you, make sure you get a photo of you creating.

This image will create a sense that you are passionate about your job.

People can be time poor, and also a picture paints a thousand words – a great photo of you in action saves people from having to read through masses of text.

3. Staring off into the distance, looking away from camera.

This is a great shot to use in your advertisements. You can import it into a photo editing tool and work marvels with it. Throw your promo on the side. Do a shout out; the possibilities are endless.

4. Full body shot

Don’t freak out. But you are a whole person. People love being able to see a full-length shot of you, and it’s a very powerful shot to share. Sitting on a chair, standing, or even sitting on the ground – having a good full-length shot comes in really handy


That’s it! Simple really, and a fabulous way to ensure that no matter what you need, you’ve got your basic shots covered.